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Outdoor Digital Menu Boards Boosting QSR Profits

QSRs have taken several steps to speed up service at the drive-thru, including simplifying their menus by eliminating time-consuming items to prepare. One of the most significant steps QSRs have taken to speed up service is to deploy digital menu boards in the drive-thru lane. Download this white paper to learn more about how outdoor digital menu boards are helping QSRs boost profits.

Digital Signage in the Covid-Aware World

The COVID-19 pandemic combined with an increasing shift towards self-service has opened the floodgates of opportunity for digital signage. Download this white paper to learn about applications where the use of digital signage is on the rise.

5 Considerations For Building a dvLED Video Wall

In the digital signage industry these days, where image truly is everything, there’s perhaps no bigger way to make a splash than with a direct view LED video wall. Whether in a retail store, restaurant or sports venue, a larger-than-life, high-definition array of dvLED displays easily captures attention and wows viewers.

Digital Signage Scores in Sports Stadiums

The power of digital signage in sports shows itself in the entire arena experience, beginning with the signs outside the venue advertising this week’s matchup. Once a fan passes the entrance turnstiles, digital signage points us to the concession stands, the restroom and guest services, and finally to our seats.

Kiosks for Hospitality Solutions

As hospitality venues such as hotels, restaurants and bars seek to provide better and more efficient services to their guests, many are turning to interactive kiosks and associated technology to help accomplish those tasks. In this white paper, sponsored by Peerless AV, learn some of the ways kiosks can be used in the hospitality environment.

Get It Right with Kiosk Accessibility

Confused about the recent ADA accessibility updates and how they will affect your kiosk deployments? Let Peerless-AV help you Get It Right as we simplify the guidelines and what they mean for your business.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations & Digital Signage

Digital Signage can be used in a variety of applications and is proven to play a key role in effective communication as well as revenue generation. The marriage of technologies in alternative energy charging stations offers many beneficial returns for all parties involved, including content providers, advertisers, manufacturers and end users.

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