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Mount Options FAQ

Finding the right mount
Select the appropriate mount for the job
  • Save time and money
  • Pay only for the functionality you will actually use

Use MountFinder™
  • Identify each mount model needed for your TV
  • Eliminate possible mistakes—and costs—ahead of time

Basic Wall Mounts
Flat Wall Mount
  • Simplest, most economical mount
  • Accommodates 10"-103" TVs
  • Holds screen discreetly against the wall
  • Allows under 1"-2.2" spacing or more for ventilation
  • May provide up to 8" side-to-side adjustment to center screen on wall

Tilt Wall Mount
  • Ideal for above-eye-level mounting
  • Looks good while standing or sitting
  • Angles screen down for comfortable viewing
  • Lockable tilt deters tampering

  • Make sure wall can hold 4x the combined load of TV and all mounted accessories

Extending functionality
Pivot Arm
  • Allows screen sharing within a room
  • Pivots up to 45 degrees left or right

Full-Motion Plus Wall Mount

  • Provides the most screen-positioning versatility
  • Mounts up to 71" screens
  • Share screen between rooms, even around a corner
  • Extends up to 2-1/2 feet from wall
  • Larger models include “roll” adjustability to level screen at any position

  • Pivot arm increases load on wall up to 2.5x compared with tilt wall mount; Full-Motion Plus Wall Mount increases the load up to 6x
  • Make sure wall can handle combined load

No wall? No problem
Ceiling Mounts
  • Great for high rises and lofts with walls of windows
  • Works with 13”-71” LCD and plasma TVs
  • >Variable drop lengths of up to 20 feet
  • Mounting plates allow for connection to wood joist, concrete ceiling, I-beam, truss, etc.
  • Accessories provide versatility: internal or external cord management, stability, vibration-dampening, variable positioning

  • Make sure ceiling can handle the weight
  • Locate away from high traffic areas or HVAC equipment that may cause vibrations
  • Use only the recommended installation hardware

  • Option when permanent installations are not ideal
  • Some stands designed for tight corner applications to maximize space
  • Provides integrated component shelving

  • Share screen within multiple rooms
  • Accessories allow for versatile usage
  • Good for video gaming, home office, indoor/outdoor entertainment, etc.

  • Install/load only recommended equipment size and weight to prevent tipping
Special applications

Outdoor Entertainment

Permanent outdoor flat panel TV mounts
  • Environmentally sealed from dust, humidity, precipitation, temperature
  • Equipped with fans, heaters, air conditioners
  • For use up with temperatures in the -10° to 104° range
  • Mountable to wall, ceiling, floor

Recess Mounting

Cubby Holes
  • Make sure to build recess deep enough to hold both TV and mount
  • Allow proper ventilation to prolong life of TV
  • 3"+ of space all around TV required, otherwise powered ventilation is needed

Custom Framing
  • Use furniture-grade framing to encase TV in wall
  • Mountable to any standard wall
  • Conceals installation for a high-end look

Above a Fireplace

Caution Against Heat
  • Test ambient temperature with fireplace fully on before attempting to install
  • Operating temperature should be below 100° F
  • Storage temperature can be up to 120° F
  • Allow for proper ventilation

Install onto structural surface
  • Watch out for facades
  • Ensure you’re working with a load-bearing surface
  • Use appropriate mount

Additional Precautions
  • Protect TV from soot
  • Be careful of heat transference through hardware, brick
  • Installation tips
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