Outdoor Digital Menu Boards


Increase drive-thru sales and promote order efficiency with Peerless-AV’s Outdoor Digital Menu Boards, designed to support 55" Peerless-AV® XHB554, Samsung OH55F/A and LG 55XE4F-M Outdoor Displays. These all-weather rated, outdoor units offer a low operating cost, modular design, and an easy, two-man installation process. By making the switch to digital, with Peerless-AV’s Outdoor Digital Menu Boards, you will no longer need to manually update static menu content throughout the day. Instead, the digital content can be updated remotely and in real-time, creating a seamless drive-thru experience for customers and a more efficient restaurant.

Supports 55" Outdoor Digital Signage Displays Brands by:

LG & Samsung displays require additional purchase.

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Create a Fully Integrated Drive-Thru Solution

with a Variety of Options to Fit Your Specific Needs

KOF555-3 KOF555-3
Back of KOF555-3 Back of KOF555-3

Speaker/Microphone Kit

Retrofits to the Outdoor Digital Menu Board for quick and easy installation; Includes (2) Panasonic WX-CS560 speakers (one used as the speaker and the second as the microphone), a durably designed outdoor cabinet, and all the necessary fasteners

Model Number: KOF-OPT-SPK

Media Player Storage Fan

When installed within the ODMB pedestal, the fan exhausts heat and helps to manage the internal temperature

Model Number: KOF-OPT-FAN

Please note, when used in conjunction with the Internal Media Storage Shelf (KOF-OPT-SHELF), the Media Player Storage Fan's deflector plate helps to direct any water droplets toward the back door of the ODBM unit.

Internal Media Player Shelf

Offers an ideal area to set, or conveniently strap, a media player and electronics within the ODMB pedestal; Each KOF555-1/2/3 ODMB model can fit up to three shelves for additional storage

Model Number: KOF-OPT-SHELF

Please note, when a media player is installed on the KOF-OPT-SHELF within the ODMB pedestal, you must integrate the Media Player Storage Fan (KOF-OPT-FAN) to exhaust heat and manage internal temperature.

Power Distribution Unit

Product evaluated for use with UL-48 certified KOF555-1/2/3 outdoor digital menu board enclosures, eliminating the need for expensive 3rd party onsite certification


Flexible Solutions

Peerless-AV’s Outdoor Digital Menu Boards are interchangeable for 55" outdoor display brands by Peerless-AV, Samsung and LG Business Solutions, and can support from one to three displays, to offer maximum flexibility at the best value. Whether you prefer Peerless-AV, Samsung or LG outdoor-rated digital signage displays, we have the right enclosures for you.

Compatible 55" Display Brands/Models: Samsung Outdoor Digital Signage Displays (OH55F/A), LG High Brightness Outdoor Displays (55XE4F-M), and Peerless-AV Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays (XHB554)

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Let our digital signage experts help you create the ideal solution to fit your specific drive-thru needs.

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  • Designed to support 55" Peerless-AV® XHB554, Samsung OH55F/A and LG 55XE4F-M Outdoor Displays to offer maximum flexibility at the best value
  • Elegant, minimalistic design protects displays and internal equipment, while enhancing the drive-thru aesthetics
  • Sleek and stylish, yet rugged enough to be installed in any outdoor application for 24/7 use
  • Modular design means displays can be installed from the front, without disturbing the adjacent units
  • Captive security fasteners prevent unauthorized access and vandalism
  • Designed for common 8" baseplate mounting pattern, with 30° of rotational positioning to select the best viewing angle for your customers
  • Allows for mounting to existing footing, thus eliminating the need for pouring new concrete*
  • UL 48 Certified
  • Create a fully integrated drive-thru solution with a variety of options - SOLD SEPERATELY: Speaker/Microphone Kit (KOF-OPT-SPK) ○ Media Player Storage Fan (KOF-OPT-FAN) ○ Internal Media Player Shelf (KOF-OPT-SHELF) ○ Power Distribution Unit (KOF-OPT-ELECTRICAL)
  • Accessories - SOLD SEPERATELY: Base Bolt Template (ACCK121) ○ Samsung OH55F/A Display Mounting /Airflow Kit for KOF555-1/2/3 (KOF-OPT-SAM**) ○ LG 55XE4F Display Mounting /Airflow Kit for KOF555-1/2/3 (KOF-OPT-LG**)
  • *As long as it meets the requirements for various wind load specifications
  • **Required add-on for use with a Samsung or LG display. Additional purchase required.