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UltraView™ UHD Outdoor TVs

Discontinued: This product has been discontinued.

The UltraView™ UHD Outdoor TV is an all-season solution for outdoor entertainment and living. This outdoor TV is all weather rated and has an operating temperature range of -22°F to 122°F. With 4K resolution and an IPS panel, the UltraView meets the full UHD specifications, providing exceptional color and video quality from any viewing angle. The TV is also equipped with a High TNI panel, which allows for direct sunlight readability without the risk of isotropic blackout. The input compartment and DC power ports provide safe storage and power for small video equipment. Whether you want an outdoor TV above your backyard fireplace or by the pool, quality outdoor entertainment is now a reality with UltraView.  

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  • Operating temperature range of-22°F to 122°F
  • High TNI panel allows for direct sunlight readability without the risk of isotropic blackout
  • IPS panel allows for accurate color representation when viewing off axis
  • USB media support allows still images, video and audio to be played from an attached USB flash drive
  • IR extender provides flexibility for integration with control systems
  • Supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 for increased compatibility with 4K sources
  • Waterproof universal remote can control up to 3 additional devices
  • Internal speakers provide excellent sound without detracting from the TV's aesthetics
  • Aluminum construction materials provide the ultimate defense against weather and discoloration
  • UV862 includes a Peerless-AV® Outdoor Flat Wall Mount to provide a secure installation