Audio Visual Solutions For Xtreme Outdoor Displays and Kiosks

Tested and Approved 

Our Xtreme™ Outdoor Daylight Readable Displays have been tested against salt and fog and have been 100% cerified to withstand them. 

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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Case Study 

In mid-2014, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium embarked on a project with Peerless-AV® to revamp the facility’s signage.  Previously, the zoo was relying on static wayfinding signage and a handful of flatscreen TVs.  The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium sought out our Xtreme™ Displays, looking for a solution that completely seals all components against outdoor conditions  and allows a reduction of the  cost of maintenance. With the new displays already implemented, the outstanding picture clarity and accessibility of the Xtreme™ Displays are a substantial improvement to the navigation of the park, as well as a way for the facility to reach its visitors more clearly and efficiently. Find the entire case study located on our website for more information.

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Outdoor Displays 

There has never been an outdoor display like the Peerless-AV Xtreme™ displays. Eliminating the need for vents, filters or exhaust fans, the unique fully-sealed design provides the ultimate protection against weather, water and dust. Fully-sealed technology provides the highest levels of environmental protection possible, for a display solution that can be fully immersed in water, goes beyond dustproof and has the widest operating temperature range. For more information and our full series of Xtreme™ Displays, select the Display Models button above or click the link below.